Who Are We?

FEELMOTO consists of a group of young lovers of all-terrain.
We are fervent practitioners of Enduro, Motocross, Mountain Biking and other extreme all-terrain practices but we have great pleasure in making known the World of all-terrain to all who want to join us.

Our Mission!

FEELMOTO is a project born from the desire to share experiences.

In this adventure we want to make possible for everyone to try something that until now could be unavailable.
This project aims to inform the world of off-road Motorcycle (2 or 4 wheels) to all those who have this dream and also intends to give, those for whom motorcycles are no longer a dream, the possibility of taking this passion beyond.

Motorcycles, for those who are somehow connected to this world, are usually a passion. Difficultly anyone finds an owner of a motorcycle that looks at it just as an object. There are also many fans who never even had the opportunity to try a motorcycle, so providing this opportunity is one of the motives to creating the project FEELMOTO.

We think that Nature gets along well with the motorcycles provided there is good sense, and because we are passionate about outdoor sports, we decided to explore the Motorcycle at its most lively and sometimes radical, All-Terrain.

Thus we have a range of activities ranging from the ABC of learning that is driving a motorcycle up the organization of Raids All-Terrain worthy of the term “Epic”.

Everyone can participate in learning modules and evolution on your track, and the modules All-Terrain Tour is available only to those who have a driving license Category B – Light. NO NEED TO HAVE LICENSE OF MOTORCYCLES, since we have available a fleet of 125 All-Terrain Motorcycles that do not require license for Motorcycles. The more powerful engine capacity bikes are reserved for more experienced participants who already have license of motorcycles. The All-Terrain Module Guide is intended for experienced users and who own their Motorcycle.

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