Learning Module


In the Learning Module, we provide a first contact with the world of two wheels to those who want.

The Learning Module is designed for those who never had contact with a Motorcycle, but has the notion of equilibrium
in the case of two wheels or anyone who had few experience with a motorcycle, in 2 or 4 wheels. The minimum requirements
for this module are to be at least 1.50 meters tall and knowing cycling.

All steps in this module are passed in the presence of a monitor, but if anyone has no problems, and shows some at ease on
the motorcycle, will be given more freedom and room to practice, as they understand needed.

In our activities practical knowledge on the motorcycle is preferable, so we won鈥檛 change contact time with motorcycles, for
the theoretical component, although the theoretical component adds an advantage that the participants can use, but aren鈥檛
linked to. The 1st module takes place in a space prepared for this purpose with various scenarios ranging from the more
accessible, open land, flat to technical parts with some obstacles, gaps and releves.

Three classes of 1H each 65,00 鈧 Min. 4 people Monitor with 1 or 2 Motorcycles
Single Classe 25,00 鈧 Min. 4 people Monitor with 1 or 2 Motorcycles
Rent the practice track (45min) 25,00 鈧 Min. 1 people Monitor Optional

Junior Learning Module

This module has all the features of other learning modules but with the necessary adaptations intended for the younger ones.

Since they provide a fun outdoor experience, through education and preparation for a new reality, they will find something here that hardly will not want to repeat.

We Motorcycles with various dimensions, requiring only that the kids know how to cycle.

Intensive classe of 1h 45,00 鈧 Min. 1 pax Monitor with 1 Motorcycle
Intensive classe of 3h 115,00 鈧 Min. 1 pax Monitor with 1 Motorcycle
Three classes of 1H each 65,00 鈧 Min. 4 people Monitor with 1 or 2 Motorcycles
Single Classe 25,00 鈧 Min. 4 people Monitor with 1 or 2 Motorcycles
Rent the practice track (45min) 25,00 鈧 Min. 1 people Monitor Optional

Learning Module – Intensive Course

The Intensive Learning Module, includes all the concepts of learning module, in a philosophy more intensive and oriented being optimized for a single lesson with 3hours.

The intensive course has advantages due to a better use of surroundings, logistics and class time, usually leading to better learning.

Intensive Classe of 1h 45,00 鈧 Min. 1 people One Monitor with 1 Motorcycles
Intensive Classe of 3h 115,00 鈧 Min. 1 people One Monitor with 1 Motorcycles

Tour Module

On the tour module, we provide three variants, in function of time, distance and difficulty: 2 Hours, Half-day, Full-day (with lunch en route). There鈥檚 great versatility in adapting the tours, to the desires of the participants. In full-day tour lunch may be the chosen of participants (Typical Restaurant, Picnic or Catering Service).

Although the duration of the tour is preset, the distance and difficulty will be adjusted to the capabilities of the group, and this is marked out by the member more limited skills, endurance and technique.

In our bike tours, we have some pre-defined routes and we will adapt the course to the participants skills. If all the participants are skilled, we can make the paths designed for the Raid Module.

1 Hour Tour (in Sandim) 25,00 鈧 Min. 1 people
2 Hour Tour (in Sandim) 45,00 鈧 Min. 2 people
Tour TT Baptism (1 Hour) 60,00 鈧 Min. 4 people
Half-day Tour (Morning / Afternoon) 65,00 鈧 Min. 3 people
Full-day Tour 90,00 鈧 Min. 4 people

Raids Module (Raid or Enduro)

In the Raid and Guide All-Terrain Module some pathways are thought to do with your own bike, in diverse scenarios with varying degrees of difficulty and duration. Here we find from the ride on Sunday morning, to a Survivor of 2/3 days autonomy (fuel not included), through raids or full day tours with lunch on the same route or places of deserved prominence. Here you can also replicate some known rides that take place all over Portugal but in a more intimate environment for those who do not appreciate the confusion of hundreds of bikes and all that implies, joining a small group together with similar movements or even two distinct movements within the same group, thus allowing everyone to have exactly they want.

For Trail bikes, the routs are more accessible with some alternatives and a bit more road to compensate the greater difficulties to this models.
Raid – Freita (陆 Day / 1 Day)
The half-day Raid is designed for a low / medium difficulty, allowing a complete journey of approximately 140Km on about 5 hours. The full-day Raid is designed with a degree of technical difficulty and physical medium / high resulting in a round trip of approximately 200 km on about 8 hours. The main difference between them is some sections relatively more complicated but much more spectacular. All areas have more aggressive have alternatives.
Raid – Oliveira de Azem茅is
This raid has component of paths and dirt roads that have been a bit spoiled what guarantees a lively travel, and another component of pure endurance (most of the path is part of a World Tour) in the area of Oliveira de Azem茅is. Depending on the fitness level of the participants, this module can be done in 陆 day or in 1 day, so it鈥檚 difficult to assess exactly how long it will take previously.
Raid: VN GAIA – Viseu – Serra da Estrela
Designed extraordinary ride of 2 days. Can also be done in only one day by preparing the logistics for the return transport both of men and machines.
Raid – Rout of Historic Villages
Extraordinary raid through the famous route GR22, in 3 days.

2 Hour Raid (in Sandim) 15,00 鈧 Min. 4 people
Half-day Raid (Morning / Afternoon) 25,00 鈧 Min. 4 people
Full-day Raid 50,00 鈧 Min. 4 people

Baptism 4×4 Module – Slopes of the Douro

In Baptism 4×4 module, you can enjoy nature and landscapes in a great ride all terrain in a four-by-four Jeep on the slopes of the Douro.

You can choose between two types of tour: half-day or full day. The distance and difficulty will be adapted to your capacities.

Half-day Tour (Morning / Afternoon) Price: Contact us Min. 1 people
Full Day Tour Price: Contact us Min. 1 people
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